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‘SNL’ Knows How That Terrible Pepsi Ad Got Made (VIDEO)

Saturday Night Live has been enjoying some of its highest ratings in years due to just how easy it is to make fun of President Donald Trump and his clown car of White House cronies.

Alec Baldwin has had a field day as the President, Kate McKinnon has had a go at seemingly everyone in the White House, including Kellyanne Conway and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Melissa McCarthy has enjoyed chewing gum way too much as Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

This week’s best skit actually had nothing to do with Trump’s White House, however.

Rather than take on the White House, this skit tackled the insanely tone-deaf Kendall Jenner-Pepsi commercial that was recently pulled off the air.

You know, this one:

Obviously, the ad was shooting for the stars and barely got off the ground. It makes you wonder how something like this ever got made, and Saturday Night Live thinks they know.

Bennett is excitedly getting ready to shoot the commercial when he receives a phone call. We hear his one-sided conversation with his sister as he explains just what he is shooting for with the ad. He tells her:

“And so, everybody is marching, right? And they get to these police officers, and they think it’s gonna go bad because there’s kind of, like, a standoff. And then, Kendall Jenner walks in, and she walks up to one of the police officers, and she hands him a Pepsi. And then, that Pepsi brings everybody together. I mean, isn’t that, like, the best ad ever?”

His face as he listens to her response perfectly reflects how many viewers felt as they realized just how poorly thought out the ad is. He demands to talk to the person sitting next to her, then a Black neighbor. As he glances about, he notices the ridiculous stereotypes and appropriation that fill the ad and caused the real ad to be pulled after only a few days.


Naturally, he completely panics when Jenner (played by Cicily Strong) is the only one seems jazzed about the ad’s concept, stating:

I gotta go. I’m on the set of my Pepsi commercial. Um, I stop the police from shooting black people by handing them a Pepsi. I know, it’s cute, right?”

Bennett does what many of the people who were attached to the ad probably wanted when faced with the backlash. He asks the final person he speaks to on the phone:

What would you do if you were in my situation? Just run to my car?”


Watch SNL‘s hilarious take on just what the commercial’s writer/director (Beck Bennett) was thinking:

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot.

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Written by Jordan Baranowski

Jordan is a writer and teacher based out of Kansas City.