Writing for Liberal America

We are always looking for talented freelance writers to cover the following topics:

  • Liberal and progressive politics
  • Exposing the hypocrisy of the religious right
  • Conservative/Republican fails
  • Life & Style articles that can be tied into a human interest or cultural angle
  • LGBT issues
  • Responsible gun solutions
  • Women’s rights
  • Immigration reform
  • Discrimination
  • Other news of interest to American liberals and progressives

Writer Requirements

  • Knowledge of WordPress or ability to learn WordPress on your own
  • Flawless grammar and spelling
  • Minimum of three articles per week, but you can write more than that if you want (with editor approval)
  • Native English fluency
  • Knowledge of the what’s going on in American politics and the issues facing Americans

We use Copyscape to check every work submitted. We are not interested in reprints of previously published work, though you can send this as a sample when you apply.

Story submissions after your first submission require approval by the editorial team.

Contractor Status

We work with freelance independent contractor writers. We do not withhold taxes (Social Security, Medicare, state taxes, etc…). We mail 1099s at the end of the year and you are responsible for reporting your income to the IRS.


Our pay structure is based on a revenue share model. We use 100% of the revenues that we receive from Google Adsense to pay our editorial team, specialized contract positions, and writers, with writers receiving 75 percent of the Adsense revenue earned from their articles.


Pay is directly tied to results, so our writers make anywhere from $50 to $7,000 per month, and it’s not unusual for writers to have viral articles that can make them a lot of money. While this was atypical and shouldn’t be an expectation, we did have one writer make $16,000 in one month last year. Our top writer made nearly $7,000 last month.

That said, Liberal America isn’t a get rich quick site. How much money you make depends on:

  • How often you write
  • How carefully you select story ideas, featured images, and headlines
  • How well you promote your articles.

We promote for you on our Facebook page of 670,000 fans, but any promotion beyond that is your responsibility. We do provide tips and recommendation. If you have access to a big Facebook page or Twitter account, you can quickly grow your views and your own personal fan-base.

Serious Writers Only

Writing for us is a great way to earn extra cash and grow your own audience as a writer. You are welcome to link to your own sites, books, social media accounts, etc…in your bio, which is shown on all articles by default.
Note that we are looking for serious writers who treat writing like a job, not occasional contributors or hobby bloggers. We require a minimum of three articles per week, but our writers who do very well write three to six articles per day.

How to Apply

  • Review our site to get a feel for what we write and our unique style.
  • Send a brief writing sample (pasted in the body of an email) or a link to a previously published work that you think is similar in style to ours to [email protected].

Your sample can be something you’ve already written or a link to your web-published work. It doesn’t necessarily have to be political, but writers with experience writing in our style will be given special consideration

  • We don’t need your resume, but a list of your experience and credentials in your email is appreciated.
  • Please do not send attachments. We will not open them.


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