Gun Culture

Ignore the Inane Decrees to “Respect” Gun Culture

Approaching politics with an open mind is something in which liberals rightly take pride. Listening, respecting opposing views, attempting to understand different cultures – these are fundamental tenets of the liberal identity. This is both a gift and a curse, though, and in the war over gun policy, liberals’ reflexive tolerance and apologetic tone is […]

An Effective Demonstration Of Why Antiquated Gun Laws Need Updating

While the NRA has spent millions of dollars trying to maintain their choke hold on the conversation over gun laws, there seems to have been a shift in power since the tragedy at Sandy Hook. A variety of independent gun control groups have launched their own campaigns, in direct opposition to the NRAs message of […]

NRAs New President Encourages Fight Against Tyranny, Could Cause Splinter

NRAs New President Encourages Fight Against Tyranny, Could Cause Splinter

The NRA has officially entered a new era. Gone are the days where the organization works with the White House to bring about common sense legislation that protects the rights of guns owners as well as the lives of innocent people.? The days of agreeing to work with gun manufacturers to provide safety locks – […]

America’s Insane Gun Laws Could Become The Stuff Terrorists’ Dreams Are Made Of (VIDEO)

Al Qaeda is a dangerous terrorist outfit responsible for countless untold horrors. We all know that. Now, a video from a few years back featuring its spokesman, American-born Adam Gadahn, has surfaced to warn America of said untold horrors if we aren’t careful. The chilling montage instructs and urges American Muslims to unleash more horror […]

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