Sunday, June 16, 2019


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Gay Christian Mingle Spoof Ad Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Christian Mingle, the ridiculous dating site that helps Christians find their God-chosen mate, is notoriously anti-gay. Are things looking up for gay Christians who...
Founding Fathers sex lives and scandals

Tea Party Leader Says ‘Sex Is Not About Fun’

Oh boy. How would you like to be married to this butt-clown? If the faces of the folks in the audience are any indication,...

Waco Pastor Bans Weave, Wants Control Of Female Parishioners’ Hair

Women who wore weaves in their hair upset a Waco pastor almost as much as they would had they been weaving webs of deceit....
Photo of St. Petersburg, Fla. Catholic Bishop Robert Lynch

Catholic Bishop Attacks ‘Pro-Life’ Groups For Being Only ‘Anti-Abortion’

Bishop Robert Lynch is sick and tired of the attacks by so-called pro-life groups on the humanitarian work of the Catholic Church. He's firing back.
A religious family is lost at sea attempting to escape homosexuality and abortion in the United States

Religious Nuts Get Lost At Sea Trying To Escape Abortion And Gays

To escape the evils of gay marriage and equal rights in America, these righteous bigots took a 'leap of faith' but ignored where 'God led them.'

Tennessee Judge Creates 11th Commandment Over A Baby Named ‘Messiah’

Meet Messiah DeShawn Martin. He is a seven month old happy bundle of cuteness that has no idea what just happened to him. Messiah...
point of pines plantation slave cabin smithsonian institute

Get Paula Deen A Season Pass – The Smithsonian Is Showcasing A Slave Cabin

An authentic slave cabin will be showcased at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. - it's only a matter of time now until Paula Deen gets her season pass.
Nun Shames Fox News Reza Aslan Rose Pacatte

Nun Shames Fox News With Thought-Provoking Reza Aslan Interview (VIDEOS)

Long before the Fox propaganda machine created the controversy that could be known as "Reza-gate," there was another interview that until Thursday had gone...
Reza Aslan Lauren Green Dickerson Fox News Muslim Can't Write Christian Book

Reza Aslan’s Persecution Saga – Fox News Spinning Out Of Control

If there is one thing that Fox News excels at above anyone else, it's making something horrible they did -- in this case host...
Empty pews.

Is Religion Dying In America?

Churches face more of a challenge than ever before. Is religion -- as we know it in America -- on its way out?

Watch This Fox News Host Go Completely Racist In 3-2-1

Reza Aslan was invited to appear on Fox to promote his new book. What took place was an embarrassing and cringe worthy display of jaw dropping ignorance.
Anti Gay Baptist preacher John Delwin Jordan trying on bra.

The Man Who Gets Paid To ‘Pray The Gay Away’ (VIDEO)

His mean-spirited prayer at a public hearing on raising rates for the Alabama Power Company violates our constitution ... plus, his bra doesn't fit.

Throwback Thursday: Journalism Pioneer Was Daughter Of Lebanese Immigrants — Who Is She?

Scroll to the bottom to see who she is (after reading this awesome bio). This Kentucky-born woman was the seventh child of Syrian born working...

Liberal America, The Sunday Spin: A Summary Of The Week’s Events Vol1, Issue5

Welcome to the fifth issue of Liberal America's Sunday Spin. In each issue you'll find the highlights from the week, which includes the latest...

Who Is This Bright-Eyed Young Feminist?

      This woman was born in Brooklyn, New York to working class parents. Her father was a Russian immigrant, and her mother was first generation...
Edward Snowden NSA Oliver Stone Traitor Hero

NSA Leaks: Why Edward Snowden’s Role Isn’t Relevant

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated,...

Liberal America, The Sunday Spin: A Summary Of The Week’s Events Vol1, Issue4

Welcome to the fourth issue of Liberal America's Sunday Spin. In each issue you'll find the highlights from the week, which includes the latest...

Johnny Depp’s Philanthropy Begins Healing The Wounded Knee Massacre

Johnny Depp, actor and current philanthropist, is having waves of empathy for the Oglala Sioux Native American tribe. He is currently making an offer...

Throwback Thursday: Who Is This Meek Looking Millionaire?

This innocent looking high school student was born in Bloomington, Illinois to working class parents. He and his four siblings were raised in Kansas...

SCOTUS Voting Rights Decision May Cause History To Repeat Itself…In Reverse (OP-ED)

Almost?50 years ago, the then Democratic President, Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ), took a risk?he knew?could cost?his party?the loyalty of a region?it had dominated electorally?since...