Male Model Used In Pro-Trump Dating Site Ad Was Convicted For Having Intercourse With Minor

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It looks like even innocent non-affiliated pro-Donald Trump dating sites have trouble hiring people without shady backgrounds. Models Barrett and Jodi Riddleberger are a pair of married Trump fans featured on the front page of a new dating site dedicated to finding mates for Trumpers.

The couple met at a meeting of a Tea Party-inspired political action committee in Guilford County. However, there’s no indication that they used the website to hook up.

The site has received tons of criticism for its moral hypocrisy mainly due to the exclusion of LGBT people while allowing swinging married couples to look for other couples and singles.

But now the site faces a new scandal after an investigation into Riddleberger’s background revealed that he was convicted in 1995 if a sex crime after being filmed having sex with a 15-year-old girl when he was 25. During an interview with WRAL-TV, Riddleberger defiantly declared that he’d “already paid (his) debt” to society. However, according to court records, Riddleberger never served any prison time for his crime.

It seems that no matter how tenuous the association is to Trump, individuals connected to him have a pattern of sex-related crimes. And while it’s unfair to blame Trump for the actions of his supporters, it is worth noting that Trump himself currently has numerous accusations of sexual assault against him; Nineteen to be exact. And it should also be no surprise that a man who’s elected president after being caught on camera bragging about sexually assaulting strangers and getting away with it because he’s a “star,” would attract a particular element to any venture endorsing him?

Come to think of it, Riddleberger just may be the perfect conservative model for a pro-Trump dating site, after all, Trump did say he would have like to “dated” his daughter at one point in time and reportedly loved to inspect the children at his Miss Teen USA beauty pageants.

Featured image via YouTube.