Stormy Daniels Says She Can Prove Trump Gave Her Some Satisfaction (VIDEO)

You may recall that on Tuesday, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer revealed that he’d paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep quiet about Daniels’ supposed affair with Donald Trump in 2006–not long after Trump’s wife, Melania, gave birth to Barron. There was already a rank odor surrounding that payment, not in the least because Cohen created an LLC for that money just weeks earlier. That development prompted David Brock to ask the Federal Election Commission to investigate the payment.

But even if the FEC doesn’t take up the matter, we already know that payment is going to wind up being a lot more expensive than Cohen and Trump thought. Apparently it opened the door for Daniels to not only tell the full story about her fling with Trump–but to provide solid proof that it indeed happened.

It seems that when Cohen wrote that check to Daniels, he and Daniels–real name, Stephanie Clifford–signed a non-disclosure agreement. Just hours after Cohen revealed he’d made the payment, Daniels’ manager, Gina Rodriguez, told The Associated Press that Daniels believes the NDA is now off.

The AP’s Jake Pearson has more details; watch here.

Pearson said that by even talking about the payment, Cohen effectively voided the NDA–theoretically freeing Daniels to take Cohen to court.¬†For now, though, it looks like Daniels is about to do something that could be far more damaging to Cohen–and Trump. Rodriguez believes that with the NDA effectively shredded, Daniels now intends to tell all about the affair.

Apparently Daniels isn’t messing around. Sources close to Daniels told The Blast, a celebrity gossip site founded by several TMZ expatriates, that Daniels saved the gold mini dress she wore when she and Trump met up at a Lake Tahoe hotel. That dress is in “pristine condition,” and Daniels plans to have it tested for DNA to prove she wasn’t lying about her one-night fling with the Donald.

If that sounds familiar, you may remember that Monica Lewinsky saved the cocktail dress she wore when she and Bill Clinton had oral sex in the Oval Office. DNA testing on that dress proved Clinton’s bodily fluids were indeed on that dress.

We already know that Trump considers Melania a mere object. But there will no longer be any doubt if Trump’s DNA is indeed on Daniels’ dress. After all, what kind of man would have an affair so soon after your wife gives you a child?

(featured image courtesy ASACP/RTA, available under a Creative Commons-BY license)

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