GOP Congressman: Dems Who Didn’t Applaud Trump Will Have To Answer To God (VIDEOS)

Congressman Andy Biggs with a staffer (image courtesy Biggs' Facebook)
Congressman Andy Biggs with a staffer (image courtesy Biggs' Facebook)

Donald Trump is a clear and present threat to democracy and the Constitution. That was established not only beyond reasonable doubt, but beyond ALL doubt on Monday, when he declared that Democrats who didn’t applaud him during the State of the Union address were “un-American” and potentially “treasonous.”

But one Republican congressman thinks that the Democrats who were seen scowling at Trump last Tuesday may have to worry about a lot more than treason charges. He thinks that the Supreme Judge isn’t pleased with what they did.

Andy Biggs represents Arizona’s 5th District, comprising the bulk of the East Valley–most of Mesa and Chandler, and all of Gilbert and Queen Creek. This area is a classic bastion of suburban conservatism, and Biggs is made to order for it. On his campaign Website, he falls all over himself to tout his “proven conservative record.”

To give you an idea of how far right he is, he ran a campaign ad featuring disgraced Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Watch here.

So it should surprise no one when he used an appearance on Fox Business to wag his finger at the Democrats for not applauding during the speech. Watch here.

Biggs was discussing the recent stock market selloff with host Stuart Varney when Varney asked him about Trump’s “treason” comments. Biggs mused that Trump may have been “a bit hyperbolic,” but believed the Democrats were being “disrespectful.”

Biggs seemed especially perturbed that the Democrats weren’t willing to “stand up for a nation under God,” and thinks they may have to answer for it when they get to heaven.

“In the end, they may have some ‘splainin’ to do when they meet God, but it’s just disrespectful, that’s all.”

Hmmm, so does that mean that Republican lawmakers who just sat there during Obama’s seven State of the Union addresses will have to answer to God as well? Oh, that’s right–since Obama was a Mooslamb, that was perfectly fine.

Seriously, when leading members of the governing party even hint that the opposition party has a right to serve as the loyal opposition, something is very wrong.

(featured image courtesy Biggs’ Facebook)

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