Fox News Launches VILE Attack On Nancy Pelosi’s 6-Year-Old Grandson To Defend Trump’s Racism

Nancy Pelosi
Featured image Nancy Pelosi Via YouTube

On Wednesday, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made a powerful and history-making 8-hour long speech on the floor of the house, in which she made an impassioned plea for the future of thousands of DACA (Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals) Dreamers.

However, the next day, Donald Trump’s personal cheerleading/propaganda squad known more commonly as Fox News’ Fox and Friends program, decided to go right into the gutter by going directly at the lawmaker’s family; Namely, Pelosi’s 6-year-old grandson.

During her address, Pelosi recounted a story featuring her grandson at his birthday party. According to Pelosi, when her grandson blew out his birthday candles he said that he wished he could have brown skin and eyes like his close Hispanic friend Antonio from Guatemala.

“So beautiful,” Pelosi said. “The face of the future for our country is all-American. And that has many versions.”

But of course, the jackals over at Fox and Friend’s couldn’t even muster the class to avoid attacking a 6-year-old boy just to sling mud at one of Trump’s political rivals.

“Really moved the crowd on that one,” Brian Kilmeade said sarcastically. “I really got emotional. Give me a second to compose myself.”

Kilmeade then went on to mockingly lecture the child about appreciating his whiteness.

“You shouldn’t be ashamed of the color of your skin,” he said, even though Pelosi never said her grandson was ashamed. “I don’t know where the heartwarming moment is in that story.”

His cohort, Ainsley Earnhardt also chimed in, cynically adding: “That wish is not going to come true,” she said. “His eye color is not changing. Get contacts!”

“If you have a second heartwarming grandchild story,” Kilmeade said, “I’d use that one next time.”

Earnhardt concluded the disgraceful display, by arrogantly declaring,  “Identity politics, some say.”

Damn, these low life bastards can’t even leave kids out of their sewer warfare? How can people like that look themselves in the mirror or hug their own children? Hopefully, the revolution on the horizon in November will also be the beginning of the end for Fox News. It’s not likely, but what the hell? Why not shoot for the moon?

Featured image via YouTube.