Trump Jr. Tries To Impress Daddy; Attacks Joy Reid On Twitter Then Gets Schooled By The Teacher

Trump Jr.
Featured image Trump Jr. via YouTube

MSNBC host Joy Reid had to put little Donald Trump Jr. in the corner with a dunce cap after he called himself attacking her on Twitter trying to show daddy he was a big boy.

Junior was replying to a tweet by Reid in which the upitty black journalist dared to question the motives of his daddy. Reid tweeted:

“1950s-era nationalism” President Trump presented Tuesday night. “Church … family … police … military … the national anthem,” Reid tweeted, calling the way Trump presented the concepts as “terms of the bygone era his supporters are nostalgic for.”

Trump’s oldest boy jumped on the opportunity to improve his odds in the family’s inheritance lottery and promptly attacked the MSNBC host. In his reply, Junior idiotically claimed that Reid’s tweet was proof that “the left” hated American ideals and institutions.

However, Reid wasn’t finished. The host then went on to thoroughly school Junior and his fellow Trump sycophants on why his daddy was full of shit by using detailed facts and examples. She went on to give a glorious breakdown of the president’s hypocrisy.


“Trump is putting on a show,” Reid noted, “allowing his base to reminisce about an Ozzie and Harriet past they don’t even really value anymore,” she said.

Reid hit Trump on his purposeful exclusion of immigrants when he spoke of “family values.”

The teacher concluded her lesson with a brutal slam on Trump’s ignorant “base” before dropping the mic.

Class dismissed.