WATCH: Fox News Witch In The Woods Terrorizes Chappaqua Locals In Search For Hillary Clinton

Fox News

Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro recently leap-frogged over her colleagues for the title of biggest Donald Trump sycophant when she invaded the quiet town of Chappaqua, New York in search for former Secretary of State and 2016 Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

During a segment titled “Street Justice,” the former judge gleefully made a complete fool of herself at the amusement of Clinton’s neighbors. In her hunt for Clinton, Pirro harrassed numerous working class citizens such as chefs, nail technicians, laundry owners, book dealers, and even a freaking bunny rabbit.

“Does Hillary Clinton drop off her pantsuits here for dry cleaning?!” Pirro shouted into a cleaners at the beginning of the segment. “Hey! Does Hillary drop off pantsuits? Do you take pantsuits?”

Local businesses took advantage of botoxed fool’s free airtime and humored the kool-aid drunken neocon nutjob.

“They mostly like fish and vegetables,” one restaurant worker said.

“Other than fish, do you think Hillary eats crow now that she lost the election?” Pirro quipped with a wink at the camera.

“President Clinton reads pretty much everything,” a bookseller at Chappaqua’s Scattered Books told Pirro. “He reads a lot of fiction, a lot of thrillers, and he also really stays up on the nonfiction that’s brand new.”

She asked a bookstore employee if she sees Hillary often, and the employee replied that she doesn’t visit often but the Secretary does call and emails regularly.

“Do you delete her emails?” Pirro asked.

See what she did there? She’s making a joke about FBI investigation in Hillary Clinton’s email server. Trust me it was very clever. Quite the zinger.

Finally, the witch visited the woods, a place perhaps closer to her natural habitat, where she cackled Hillary’s name and in the process likely sending wildlife scrambling for safety for dozens of miles.

It’s still unclear exactly how many dead birds fell from the sky, but Chappaqua locals will now have a new ghost story scare disobedient children into compliance.

And during a full moon, you can still hear the witch crying out deep in the woods, “Hillary!”

Featured image via YouTube.