The View DESTROYS Trump Apologist For Invoking Monica Lewinsky To Counter Stormy Daniels Scandal

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Featured image The View via YouTube

On Friday, conservative Trump apologist, S.E. Cupp certainly got more than a cup full from the panelists on ABC’s The View. The conservative argued that people who are making a big deal out of Donald Trump‘s alleged affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels should also revisit and give equal attention to Ex-president Bill Clinton’s affair with then-White House intern Monica Lewinski.

Don’t you want her on the show?” co-host Joy Behar asked about Daniels. “I want her here.”

Cupp said that Daniels was “playing the hand she was dealt.” That’s when she pulled this bottom deck desperation card out of her ass, stating:

“What bothers me, though, in giving her this platform, Monica Lewinsky was caught having an affair with a president. Who’s going to interview her? I’d love to see someone her. Her life was ruined.”

That’s when the other panelist snuffed her non-sense out like a cigarette and made the insipid little Trump-nuthugger look like the idiot she was.

“She’s been interviewed a hundred times,” said Behar. “She’s been on this show.”

In fact, Lewinski was once being considered to co-host the show back in 2015.

“But Bill Clinton isn’t the president anymore,” said Sunny Hostin. “The president is Donald Trump, so it’s much more relevant at the very least.”

Cupp, who still hadn’t entirely run out of absurd notions to punish our intelligence with, indignantly proclaimed that until “the left” accounts for how Clinton’ accusers were treated, “you can’t say he’s not president anymore.”

It’s mind-boggling how Republicans can gloat about finally having “their president” in the White House and still obsess over the Clintons. It’s like they can’t quite appreciate “winning,” they always have to be the bitter losers fighting the good fight against make-believe shadowy criminal masterminds.