RWNJ Pastor Thinks CNN Reporter Had A Demon In Him (VIDEOS)

Lance Wallnau relaxing in his chair (image from Wallnau's Facebook)
Lance Wallnau relaxing in his chair (image from Wallnau's Facebook)

Among the religious right luminaries who are still bowing down to Donald Trump, Lance Wallnau is almost in a class by himself. This is mainly because he seems to think that any criticism of Trump is just evil.

For instance, he suggested that the market took a dive a few days after Charlottesville because God wanted to punish the businessmen who resigned from an advisory council in protest of Trump’s “both sides” nonsense. He also thinks God will “persecute and prosecute” those actively opposing the Donald. But he has reserved most of his ire for the media. To hear him talk, CNN, MSNBC, and the Big Three networks are using witchcraft to keep us from seeing that Trump really is making America great again.

Well, to hear Wallnau talk, Trump is going after these dark powers head-on. Supposedly, when Trump tried to have a CNN reporter hustled out of the Oval Office, he was expelling a demon.

On Wednesday, Wallnau held a Facebook Live event with Fresno-based religious right radio host Ben Bergquam. The discussion soon turned to how demons seem to manifest in order to attack Trump. People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch got a clip.

Wallnau told Bergquam that during the campaign, he noticed a significant contrast in the amount of protesters at the candidates’ rallies–and he believed it was tied to the amount of demonic activity present around the candidates. He claimed that there weren’t a lot of protesters at rallies for Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or Hillary Clinton because “the devil wasn’t manifesting at those meetings.”

It was a different story with Trump. Wallnau noticed “people that were working together at a level of evil” to stir things up at Trump rallies. He believed he’d seen similar tactics from unions, as well as antifa–“intimidation, manipulation, and domination.” While the typical person backs down, Wallnau noticed that Trump isn’t knuckling under “because there’s a deliverance anointing on him for America.”

To hear Wallnau talk, Trump is starting to realize that when demons are stirring things up, “you cast them out.” As an example, he cited Trump having CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta hustled out of the Oval Office.

“He just cast out Jim Acosta last week. It was hilarious. He points at him and goes, ‘Out!’ One word—’Out!’ And security escorts the journalist out. It’s a deliverance anointing.”

A little context is in order here. Last week, Acosta was on hand when Trump welcomed Kazakh president Nursultan Nazarbayev in the White House. Acosta used the occasion to ask Trump about his comments on January 11, when he wondered why we take in so many immigrants from “shithole countries,” rather than whiter countries like Norway. Watch what happened next.

Acosta asked Trump if he wanted more people to come in from Norway. Trump replied, “I want them to come in from everywhere.” Acosta pressed, asking if he just wanted people from “just Caucasian or white countries.” Trump pointed at Acosta and quietly, but forcefully said, “Out!”

Later, in the Roosevelt Room, after the two presidents gave lengthy remarks on foreign policy, Acosta tried to ask further questions. That prompted Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley and a White House press wrangler to get in his face and those of other reporters and scream so loudly that “it was impossible for the president to hear our questions. Acosta was dumbfounded, believing this was something you’d expect in “less democratic countries.”

Moving back to Wednesday, it seemed that Wallnau was fine with this display. Apparently he thought it was a case of Trump displaying a “Samson’s prophet anointing to deal with the Philistines.” To Wallnau’s mind, it makes no sense to raise your voice in opposition to someone with that kind of anointing, even though “he is not an elegant Isaiah prophet.”

So when a reporter is asking tough questions of Trump, he isn’t doing his job–to hold the president accountable. No, no. He’s a Philistine who has a demon manifesting in him, and that demon needs to be cast out right away. Got it.

(featured image courtesy Wallnau’s Facebook)

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