Mitch McConnell’s Wife Proclaims World Leaders ‘Should Be Flattered’ To Host Trump Or ‘They Can Leave!’

elaine chow

On Wednesday, while Donald Trump heads over to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to undoubtedly say and do inappropriate things that would make any self-respecting American cringe and hide their face in shame, one of his cabinet secretaries thought it would be fun to give us a little preview.

Unfortunately, America’s humiliation is already becoming a traditional running joke around the world whenever Trump sets foot on foreign soil (actually even when he’s on domestic soil).  And the unpopular U.S. president is expected to deliver more of his ignorant “anti-globalism” nonsense at the forum.

Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chow (who is married to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) decided to earn some extra brown nose points by hyping up Trump’s non-existent prestige and belittling his critics. Meanwhile, the White House is spinning Trump’s visit as an opportunity to “sell his accomplishments” and “remind the world that we are open for business, that we’re a competitive country.”

However, during a forum in Davos, Chao made it clear that Trump was not there to play nice with his neighbors. When members asked the Secretary if the U.S. was relinquishing its role as a world-leading country to become “just another country,” Chao fired back this response:

“Davos should be very flattered that he has chosen this as a forum, and so those that don’t want to listen to him, you can — they can leave!” Chao stated.

“When we talk about America’s role around the globe, it’s not as if America is going to withdraw,” she continued, going on to say that “America has been the chump” for its role in ensuring “global peace and security.”

You can probably hear Trump supporters cheering and high fiving each other over Chao’s smarmy remarks. In their minds, Trump is some kind of American folk hero who’s going to bend the world to his will (which they see as America’s will). However, the reality of what Trump is actually doing may not hit home for them until it’s too late. They may not understand the consequences of the recently ratified 11-nation trade agreement which excludes the U.S. and how Americans will most likely wind up paying the price economically for Trump’s uninformed decisions.

We live in a nation full of Donald Trumps. People who are too lazy to put in the effort to educate themselves on issues but still insist on being respected as though they were an expert. As a result, we have unqualified sycophants like Chao running vital areas of our government, while Trump continues to lower the limbo bar for his party and American political standards in general.

In 2018 and 2020, we must find a way to set our more minor differences aside and vote for the candidate (s) who will end this nightmare once and for all. Or we can get used to another four years of this type of global representation. This choice is ours.