WATCH Stephanie Ruhle Destroy Trump’s Claims That Russia Didn’t Hack The 2016 Election

On Friday, in one of his usual fits of stupidity and disinformation, President Trump had this to say about the ongoing investigation of the 2016 election by Special Counsel Robert Mueller:

So on Monday, MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle decided she’d had quite enough of Trump’s repeated lies regarding Russia, and took the president to task:

“There are worries over Russian interference with democratic elections and it comes after the U.S. intelligence agencies agreed it has already happened here in the United States.

“Remember, interference and collusion are not the same thing. Now, of course, you would not know that by listening to President Trump.”

Ruhle then played a clip of telling a crowd in Alabama:

“They [the Clinton campaign] did a rotten job of running, but to convince people about this hoax, that was probably the thing that they did best. It was one great hoax. No, Russia did not help me, that, I can tell you.”

To that, Ruhle quickly dissected Trump with expert skill and what he hates most of all: Facts:

“Despite the president’s comments, it is a genuine threat to our democracy. America is not the only target. Business Insider reports National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said Russia has set their sights on the upcoming election in Mexico.”

Then Ruhle drilled down on her factual rebuttal of the nonsense that’s been coming from Trump ever since the election and suggestions Russia might have helped him win:

“This is hardly the first or second time they attempted to interfere in another country’s process. A few months ago, Spanish officials became convinced Russian-based groups used social media to spread support for the country’s Catalonian independence. Dutch groups said Russian-backed groups attempted to spread propaganda and fake news during their election last year. They concede the Kremlin did not succeed in substantially influencing the process.”

After giving more examples of Russian meddling in elections held in Norway, Great Britain, and France, Ruhle concluded with this summation of the problem:

“We should note, this has been in the Russian playbook for years. They interfered in Ukrainian elections in 2014 as part of their strategy to reclaim power over former Soviet states. Of course, this level of control and meddling dates back to the foundation of the Soviet Union a century ago.”

Got it, Donald? Or were you too busy tweeting out about what a “genius” you are?

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