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Golfer-In-Chief Says It’s Time To Get ‘Back To Work’–Golfing (VIDEOS/TWEETS)

Donald Trump never lost an opportunity to slam Barack Obama for spending too much time on the golf course. Indeed, as early as 2011, Trump frequently took to Twitter to call out Obama for playing golf rather than spending time on the nation’s business.

Indeed, while on the campaign trail in 2016, Trump promised he would put the clubs away if elected.

But Trump has not only continued to haul out the clubs, but done so even more than Obama did at this stage in his presidency. According to Judd Legum of ThinkProgress, Trump has gone golfing at least 75 times since taking office. By comparison, Obama only played 24 rounds of golf during his first year in office.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day provided a particularly stark illustration of how Trump talked out of both sides of his mouth. On Christmas night, Trump tweeted from Mar-a-Lago to announce he was going back on the clock the next day.

The very next day, the presidential motorcade took off–for Trump International Golf Club West Palm Beach. They arrived at 9:05 that morning, while the press pool cooled its heels at an IHOP. The morning after that brought more of the same–the president arrived at Trump International at 9 a.m. sharp, while the press pool continued to IHOP. And so it went for the rest of the week–Trump arriving at his West Palm Beach links as early as 8:30 a.m. and as late as 9:45 a.m., while the press pool waited at IHOP.

If that wasn’t enough, on the second day that Trump “worked” at the golf course, a white truck blocked CNN cameras from filming Trump on the links. Watch here.

As it turned out, the truck was owned by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department. Watch here.

Later in the week, trees were planted in the area where CNN was filming.

Legum summed up Trump’s week very well on Twitter.

But wait a minute. Trump said he was going to be too busy working for us. Looks like he’s busy, all right–at running up the bill for protecting him on the course. By the end of November, the Secret Service had spent some $150,000 on golf cart rentals, including $7,500 over Thanksgiving weekend alone.

Apparently playing golf all the time is perfectly fine if you’re supposedly making America great again.

(featured image: screenshot via YouTube)

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Written by Darrell Lucus

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