Trump’s Holiday Song From Bad Lip Reading Is So Funny It Might Even Make Donnie Smile

The War on Christmas is over with, according to President Trump. Of course, there never was any war on Christmas, so it was an easy victory.

Being funny, however, can be a tall order, especially when you’re dealing with a person who has no sense of humor like Donald Trump. The man is incapable of laughing, and he certainly cannot take a joke if it happens to be directed at him.

So let’s all be thankful for the good people at Bad Lip Reading. They’ve given us “Christmas Is Here,” and even if it’s a couple of days beyond Christmas, it’s quite simply the present we’ve all been waiting for. Until Robert Mueller drops his next indictments, this is exactly what America needs to make it great again.

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Without any further ado, enjoy this video and be sure to share it with everyone you know who hates the Orange Menace as much as 70 percent of the country does.

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