Twitter Roasts Trump For His ‘Lock Her Up’ Chant At FL Rally (TWEETS)


Donald Trump was in Pensacola, Florida, Friday evening for one of his ridiculous rallies, and when he wasn’t urging voters in Alabama to vote for an accused child predator to represent them in the U.S. Senate, he also took potshots at the resistance to his administration.

At one point during Trump’s rambling free-form rally, he began chanting “lock her up!” even though his 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton, was exonerated by an FBI investigation. Trump, on the other hand, has seen former campaign staffers indicted or plead guilty in recent weeks. That led Twitter to remind Trump of some basic — and embarrassing — facts:

And one other thing, Donald: Remember when Michael Flynn chanted the same thing at the Republican National Convention? Take a look:

Flynn is now cooperating the Special Counsel Robert Mueller to lock you up. That’s what we call perfect ironic karma.

Here’s Trump on Friday evening in Florida:

Featured Image Via Screengrab