Rachel Maddow: The Flynn Plea Deal Proves Mueller Plans To Take Down Pence, Too

When Michael Flynn agreed to plead guilty on a charge of lying to the FBI Friday, many said it was very bad news for President Trump. But it was also a seismic event for Vice President Mike Pence.

On her show Friday evening, Rachel Maddow began connecting the dots on how the Flynn plea impacts Pence:

“Vice President Pence insisted publicly more than once that Mike Flynn never talked about sanctions with the Russians. That was always a false statement. Well, now we know that multiple members of the Trump transition team knew that was a false statement when Mike Pence said it. So, why’d they let him say it?

“Honestly, what we learned today also raises the question of whether or not Mike Pence knew that was a false statement when he said it. Well, we can report exclusively tonight that Vice President Mike Pence has not spoken to Robert Mueller or his team of investigators nor has been asked to. We can also report tonight that the Vice President has not been asked to hand over any documents to the Mueller investigation, but given what just emerged today in federal court, one has to expect that he knows that is coming.”

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Keep in mind that Pence was head of the presidential transition team that vetted Flynn to be National Security Adviser. CNN reporter Manu Raju echoed Maddow’s comments:

“But I think the vice president is someone that Mueller undoubtedly will be looking at, and people on Capitol Hill [congressional investigators] will be looking at.

“He was head of the transition team. He perhaps may have had some sense of these discussions that were going on. Even if he was not named in that court document today, it does not mean he may not have been aware of some of the things that were happening here. That’s one of the key questions that I think Mueller is going to have to explore.”

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All the prayers and fake piety in the world can’t save Pence. He’s up to his eyebrows in Russiagate, and by the time Mueller is finished, expect calls for the Veep to be impeached, too.

Here are the segments from MSNBC and CNN:

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