WATCH: Trump Supporter Says He Believes The Donald Over Jesus Christ

While some of the people who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 are now realizing they made a big mistake in electing a pathological liar to the White House, one man told CNN Monday morning that he trusts Trump more than he does Jesus Christ.

During a “Pulse of the People” segment, most of the panelists said they were very disappointed in Trump, with Sherri Underwood commenting:

“He has no credibility for me as a president, there have been many reversals.”

Kim Carson, who also cast a ballot for Trump, said she’s glad the stock market is booming, but then added most of the economic policies in place can be credited to former President Obama.

But Mark Lee disagreed with his fellow panelists, telling host Alisyn Camerota that he loves Trump’s “America First” policy and he thinks Trump is “there for the little guy.”

How much does Lee trust the Orange Menace? So much he declared that even if Jesus Christ got “down off the cross to tell me Trump is with Russia, I’d have to check with Trump.”

Perhaps Mark Lee would be happier if he started his very own Church of the Orange Savior where he could more fully worship his pussy grabbing messiah. Then he could fully indulge his dreams of creating a true cult of personality to rival that that existed under Hitler, Mao, and Stalin. Look at all the great things they did for their countries!

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