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A Fox News Anchor Gets Ripped To Shreds For Defending Hillary Clinton (Video)

Fox News told the truth this week.

And its viewers were not happy.

It isn’t usual for the conspiracy theory-laden network to debunk its own spin.

But that was exactly what Fox News anchor Shepard Smith did Tuesday when he dedicated six minutes of airtime to fact-check Republican talking points about “Uranium One,” the erroneous charge against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The charge alleges Clinton took advantage of her position as Secretary, using donations to the Clinton Foundation to buy Russian energy interests.

President Donald Trump’s supporters have used this charge to try and deflect from the president’s own possible collusion with Russia.

Smith began exposing the attack through a clip of then-candidate Trump on the campaign trail saying:

“Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved the transfer of 20 percent of America’s uranium holdings to Russia while nine investors in the deal funneled $145 million to the Clinton Foundation.”

Smith countered with:

“That statement is inaccurate in a number of ways. First, the Clinton State Department had no power to veto or approve that transaction. It could do neither.”

Smith then went on to support his claim by explaining there was nine-member Committee on Foreign Investment charged with evaluating the uranium deal with which Clinton was not involved, and over which only former President Barack Obama held veto power.

The ad hominem attack against Clinton originated with the Mercer family-, Koch brothers- funded Government Accountability Institute.

Immediately, Fox viewers took to the Twittersphere to call for Smith’s dismissal.

For example:

“I normally don’t tune into Shep’s hour on FOX, can’t stand his bias, but today while surfing channels he caught my interest…in 3 mts he argued Hillary’s defense, how she had nothing to do with Uranium One and how Trump had lied about it. HE HAS TO GO!!!” 


“You need to get that hack out of Fox. He just made excuses for and is clearly a double agent. Hey Shep.. Hillary took the 145M regardless of when it was sent. Pay for play you goof.”

“Shep Smith just gave his opinion of crooked Hillary on the uranium scandal. Totally lied and misrepresented every fact. Get rid of him. He is a shill for Hillary as most gays are. Does not have the integrity to be on Fox send to CNN.”

“Did anyone watch Shep Smith , just explain how Hillary Clinton had nothing to do with Uranium deal?? What a joke Fox News!!! Send him to CNN.”

@foxnews unbelievable democrat Shep Smith states that “Hillary Clinton” did not approve Uranium-1 deal, 9 depts did , uses Politico 2confirm.”

@FoxNews if I wanted to see an unfactual and slanted view I would watch CNN. I can’t watch Shepard Smith anymore. I’m dont with that show. He is arrogant and clearly anti trump.”

“I hate . I hate his face, the sound of his voice, his seething hatred for all things that pertain to our President, his lack of objectivity.”

“BREAKING NEWS: . . Even though he has NO Law-Degree,  has officially joined the LEGAL-TEAM defending  as LEAD-COUNSEL . It’s unknown if he will be removed from  to work full-time on defending the Clinton Crime Family”

Six hours later, Fox host Sean Hannity had a different take on the matter Fox viewers found more acceptable.

Watch Smith’s report below.

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Written by Ted Millar

Ted Millar is parent, poet, and teacher. His poetry has been in featured in myriad literary journals, including Caesura, Circle Show, Cactus Heart, Third Wednesday, and The Voices Project. He is also an occasional contributor to Liberal Nation Rising.