WATCH An MSNBC Host DESTROY A Trump-Supporting Pastor Who Makes Excuses For Roy Moore

While most Republicans are trying to put as much distance as possible between them and Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, some so-called “Christians” are still defending the pervert who allegedly molested a girl when she was just 14.

One such defender is Pastor Mark Burns, who is also a fan of Donald Trump. Trump, of course, has admitted he likes to grab women by their genitals and kiss them against their will. Burns made an appearance on MSNBC Thursday and was asked by host Stephanie Ruhle:

“Nine women have come out with accusations. What number is it for you that you would start to change your view and say there’s truth here? Is it 12? Is it 15?”

Rather than respond to the question, Burns bizarrely told Ruhle:

“Today is Judge Moore. Today is Judge Moore, tomorrow it could be you.”

That was all it took for Ruhle to drop the hammer on the demented minister, telling him:

“You know what? It can’t be me tomorrow. Excuse me, sir. Sir, it can’t be me tomorrow, because when I was in my 30s, I didn’t get banned from a mall. I wasn’t calling girls out of trigonometry class, and I wasn’t dating girls under the age of 18 — so no, sir, it is not possible for it to ever be me.”

Burns then doubled down on his defense of Moore:

“Well, let me just say this. I know that it is very possible, I’m not saying these women are lying, I’m simply saying we need to be suspicious. I think we need to be very careful.”

He’s not saying they’re lying but we need to be suspicious?! Talk about a contradiction!

Finally, Burns tried to suggest he too had been a victim:

“I understand how character assassination works, CNN did it to me. They refused to listen to me when I told them that a website which was an old discontinued website was done by a PR person, and they didn’t want to listen to that. They wanted to create the narrative that said I am a false fake liar, and so that’s exactly what they ran.”

A false fake liar? Damn! That double negative wasn’t missed by Ruhle, who reminded Pastor Burns:

“Just as an aside to the point you just made, a false fake liar would be a truth teller, if we’re going to be technical.”

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