WATCH: Jeanine Pirro Says Of Pervy Roy Moore, ‘Is The GOP Destroying Itself?’

If you were under the impression that all Republicans are marching in lockstep behind Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, who is accused of molesting a 14-year-old girl in 1979, Fox Host Jeanine Pirro sounds like she isn’t willing to accept Moore’s pathetic excuses for his sick behavior.

On her show Saturday evening, Pirro was interviewing far-right activist David Bossie, and she commented:

“Mitt Romney has actually said, ‘The presumption of innocence only applies in a court of law and it doesn’t really apply here. I mean, how can this guy and — if the allegations are true, I spent my career going after sexual predators and pedophiles, trust me — but right now, it’s 40 years later. I doubt that there could ever even be a charge filed here.”

Pirro then followed up by declaring that perhaps the Republican party is in self-destruct mode because it’s willing to overlook the perversions of any candidate as long he supports the conservative agenda:

“The guy has been investigated a million times, Roy Moore. Apparently more than any other candidate in Alabama. Is the Republican Party destroying itself or didn’t they do enough vetting of this guy, Moore?”

Like a typical good Nazi GOPer, Bossie replied:

“I don’t know the answers to those questions. But I can say this, Judge Moore has been on the ballot many times over a long period of time. How this just miraculously comes out when this Hollywood [Harvey Weinstein] and the atmosphere that is pervasive, which is, if there’s an allegation, the person is guilty.”

There it is! Bossie is trying to divert attention from Moore by bringing up Weinstein. At least his company did something and fired Weinstein when he was accused of being a sexual predator. Is the GOP willing to dump Moore from the ticket?

How far have Republicans fallen in their quest for power in this country? Well, they supported a sexual predator for president, and now it appears their willing to offer their blessings to a child molester. As Pirro noted, it would appear the GOP is intent on destroying itself. If that is indeed the case, good riddance.

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