WATCH: Ex-Evangelical Calls GOP The Party Of ‘Child Molesting Nazis’

Even though he’s been accused of molesting a child in 1979, Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore refuses to drop out of the race and is even threatening to sue the women who made the accusations against him.

But on the MSNBC show AM Joy Saturday morning, former evangelical Frank Schaeffer took on both Moore and the entire GOP with comments he made in regard to the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, telling host Joy Reid:

“Back in the day when my dad and my were going around the country establishing the religious right based on our anti-abortion stand, one I’ve moved a long way from since. The whole idea was bringing America back to some moral stand.

“Think about the Republican Party now. Throw some words out that are associated with them: mass shootings, Milo, Trump, Moore, Bannon, rape, child molesting, neo-Nazis, white supremacy. What the hell is going on with the Republican Party?”

Schaeffer then added that what he found most revolting was the complicity of the GOP with people like Moore:

“I’m not shocked by Donald Trump, he’s an ass. I’m not shocked by Roy Moore. he’s a loud mouth, a gun-toting fool. What I’m shocked by is the complicity. We are in a political climate that’s built on one lie after another. I just want to say for the record, by the way, I believe a woman who stands up, which is very difficult to do and comes forward with a story like that. She was a Trump voter. She’s a Republican.

“I believe her. I just want to say that as a father and grandfather and someone that respects women that I believe her.”

Will the Republican Party do what needs to be done and retract their nomination of Moore as their candidate for the special election to be held next month? If not, as Schaeffer said, they are complicit in the crimes of Roy Moore.

Featured Image Via MSNBC Screengrab