McCain Shames Trump On ‘The View’ – Says POWs Wonder Why POTUS Hates Them (VIDEO)

Arizona Senator John McCain (R) made an appearance on The View Monday morning to help celebrate the birthday of his daughter, Meghan, who who’s a co-host in the show. And Senator McCain, who was shot down in Vietnam and held captive for six years in a POW camp, made it clear that Trump’s recent attacks on the widow of LaDavid Johnson were out of line. McCain said veterans he’s spoken with wonder why the president feels a need to go after those who have served their country, especially those who, like McCain, were POWs:

“What I cared about was when he was talking about other POWs including WW2 soldiers.”

McCain then recalled a 92-year-old veteran of World War II who asked him:

“Senator, why doesn’t Trump like me?”

Then McCain directly addressed Trump’s hateful words towards the widow of Sgt. Johnson:

“We are in very challenging times, my friends. We should not be fighting about a brave American who lost his life fighting for this country.”

Co-host Sara Haines asked the senator if he had any contact or relationship with the current president. McCain replied:

“Almost none.”

At the end of the segment, McCain reminded every American that we have so much to be thankful for and proud of, despite the lying narcissist who currently resides in the White House:

“Will you allow an old man just to say, I think you for being here. I thank you for being Americans. I thank you for standing up for the things that we believe. There are people all over the world that are watching this program that are inspired by our desire for freedom of speech — for all the good things that America is all about. We are still, as Ronald Reagan used to say, the shining city on a hill.”

John McCain is a true American hero. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is nothing but a 6-foot-2 pile of shit.

Here’s Senator McCain on The View:

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