WATCH A Moronic Trumpkin Tell Two Lesbians They Need To Stop Being Gay

There are a couple of prerequisites if you want to be a supporter of Donald Trump:

  • You have to be an idiot.
  • You must be willing to hate others on command.
  • You need to be fond of sticking your nose in other people’s business.

Today we have an example of all three Trump Era standards at work.

Jessica Lundquist and Tiffany Steinberg were out for a stroll, holding hands, and bothering no one at all when a man came up to them and told them they were going to hell because they were lesbians.

While he was at it, this crapbag also accused the two of being “abnormal” and said they had “issues with men.”

Steinberg informed the nosy dillhole that he was wrong; most people have no problem with people loving whoever they want to and are not the least bit homophobic. In other words, he’s the exception, not the rule.

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But the jackass busybody wouldn’t relent, telling Steinberg she was the one who was incorrect and the election of the Cheeto Hitler was proof:

“This is the Trump era and you’re going to see a whole lot of things changing.”

Turning to the camera, Steinberg announced:

“Oh my God you guys, this guy needs serious help.”

As Steinberg and Lundquist walked away, the deranged man yelled:

“You didn’t think [Trump] was going to win!”

To be totally accurate, we’re not certain he did win, at least not legally. There are multiple investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election and Trump’s possible collusion with Russian agents.

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But here’s a bit of advice for any Trump supporter who feels it’s his or her place to pass judgment on others: Mind your own damn business and stay in your freaking lane. No one wants to see or hear your bigoted bullshit.

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