This Neo-Nazi Just Got Exactly What He Deserved – Punched In The Face! (VIDEO)


Well-known white nationalist/alt-right/neo-Nazi Richard Spencer spoke at the University of Florida on Thursday, and one of his acolytes thought it’d be a good idea to show up dressed in skinhead clothing, including a T-shirt covered with swastikas, the symbol of Nazi Germany.

That was a big mistake.

Several people spotted the brain-dead moron and asked him:

“What are you doing here?”

Within minutes the racist crapbag wannabe Nazi was being spat upon and punched right in his fat face.

Words cannot do justice to what this hateful douche weasel saw coming in his direction, so take a look:

The incident is reminiscent of what happened to Spencer in Washington when he showed up for Donald Trump’s inauguration:

And while I know I shouldn’t be laughing when I watch this, I just can’t help it.

Featured Image Via Screengrab