RWNJ Pastor: Weinstein Scandal Is God’s Punishment For Hollywood Attacks On Trump (VIDEO)

Lance Wallnau relaxing in his chair (image from Wallnau's Facebook)
Lance Wallnau relaxing in his chair (image from Wallnau's Facebook)

Ever since movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was accused of paying thousands of dollars to keep accusations of sexual assault quiet, a number of right-wingers have had a field day. Weinstein was a major Democratic donor, and a number of conservatives have used that status to tie Weinstein around the Democrats’ neck. Never mind that many of them thought it wasn’t a big deal when Donald Trump was caught on tape reveling in how he degraded and assaulted women.

On Monday, right-wing radio host Larry Elder gave what was then the most nauseating right-wing take on this issue. He claimed with a straight face that whatever Trump may have done was “child’s play” compared to Weinstein’s debauchery. This coming from a guy who had no qualms about sharing a story suggesting that a Republican staffer had committed high treason by leaking the “Access Hollywood” tapes.

But one of Trump’s most rabid religious right supporters may have made an even more outrageous suggestion. He claimed that the scandals surrounding Weinstein and a number of other Hollywood figures are a sign that God has rendered his verdict on Hollywood for daring to oppose Trump.

Lance Wallnau has already established himself as one of Trump’s loudest cheerleaders on the religious right. Indeed, he has frequently taken to delivering a number of warnings to those who dare to oppose Trump. He’s explained that if you stand against Trump, you’re being influenced by witchcraft driven by the media, and it’s kept Trump opponents from seeing that they’re actually opposing God. As far as he’s concerned, those seeking to take down Trump are committing sabotage, and he has prayed for God to smite them.

In the wee hours of Thursday morning, Wallnau took to Periscope to tell his followers that their prayers had been answered–Trump’s critics in Hollywood are feeling the pinch. People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch got a clip.

At around the 9:50 mark, Wallnau told his followers how “grieved” he was at the “constant assault” Trump had to endure from Hollywood luminaries. In particular, he was appalled that late-night comedians saw it as their “mission” to make life difficult for Trump. He thought it was evidence that the United States was a “lawless, disrespectful country toward all authority.”

However, he believes that God has caused a “wrecking ball” to land a direct hit on Hollywood. As he saw it, Weinstein’s destruction wasn’t the real story. Rather, it was the fact that “God is visiting Hollywood.” He claimed that in response to numerous prayers for Hollywood, God was “picking off the top” and “working his way down” to make those “who have reached out their hand and their finances and their influence” to oppose Trump.

Wallnau has maintained for some time that Trump is “a blessing, not a curse” for this country. As he saw it, “God’s hand” is on Trump, and Trump sincerely wants to “uphold Judeo-Christian values and moral clarity.” As a result, the “obnoxious, disrespectful voices” who have been attacking Trump are “one by one coming down.”

There’s only one explanation in Wallnau’s eyes–“God’s dealing with Hollywood.” He didn’t think it was a coincidence that this was being exposed in “a Democrat-run city” and a “Democrat-run industry.” We’ve heard this before. Back in August, Wallnau claimed that God cratered the stock market after several members of Trump’s advisory boards resigned in protest of his disgraceful response to the violence in Charlottesville.

So let’s see if we’ve got this right. Reportedly, Weinstein’s debauchery was an open secret in the movie industry for years. In recent years, a number of reporters were ready to blow the lid on this story, only to have those efforts run aground. As late as 2015, Weinstein was reportedly on the verge of being arrested for misdemeanor sexual assault, but prosecutors didn’t think they had enough to press charges.

And yet, if you believe Wallnau, you’d have to believe that God kept this from breaking open until now in order to stick it to Hollywood. Is Wallnau willing to tell Weinstein’s many accusers that they were left twisting in the wind for this reason?

It seems that Wallnau is okay with sexual assault being exposed if liberals are the ones being held to account. If you’ll remember, he harrumphed that the Fox News sexual harassment scandal was a demonic trick intended to cripple a network that had been “anointed” by God. He also believes that the “Access Hollywood” tapes were merely leaked in an effort to discredit Trump.

So once again, a right-winger has tried to claim the moral high ground on the Weinstein affair. And once again, he has, in the process, exposed his own moral bankruptcy.

(featured image courtesy Wallnau’s Facebook)

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