Trump Just Told Puerto Rico To Go To Hell (TWEETS)

As Puerto Ricans struggle to recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria, President Trump woke up Thursday morning and began issuing threats to the island territory:

Basically, Trump just told an entire island of Americans they can drop dead for all he cares, because he isn’t planning to help them more than he absolutely has to. So here’s a roll of paper towels; clean the mess up yourselves.

It should be noted that FEMA currently estimates at least 36 percent of Puerto Ricans still lack access to clean drinking water. 90 percent of the island is still without electricity. And there are also reports of residents contracting leptospirosis, a serious infection caused by the presence of animal urine in water such as creeks, streams, and lakes, and transmitted when that water makes contact with breaks in the skin, eyes, mouth, or nose. The disease can be treated by antibiotics, but many hospitals in Puerto Rico do not have power or the needed pharmaceuticals because the federal relief effort has been so slow.

As you might expect, Trump’s heartless, dismissive tweets were met with plenty of resistance from others on social media:

Donald Trump is a failure. He knows it, so now he’s trying to blame everyone else for his own impotence and inadequacy. No wonder his own cabinet is now thinking of declaring him unfit and removing him via the 25th Amendment.

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