Trump Threatens To Shut Down NBC – Gets Dealt A Dose Of Internet Karma (TWEETS)

Our infantile head of state is upset and issuing threats yet again, all because NBC News dared to report the details of what made Secretary of State Rex Tillerson call President Trump a moron. Tillerson made his remarks shortly after a meeting in which Trump called for a tenfold increase in the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

So naturally, Trump had to respond and confirm that NBC’s reporting was correct:

Clearly, Trump has never read the United States Constitution, specifically the First Amendment. Plenty of Twitter users were only to happy to give dotard Donald a lesson in American civics:

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Another day, another deranged tweet from our fake president, who is probably in office only because of significant assistance from the Russians. When will Republicans take the brave path of Senator Bob Corker and get rid of this malignancy in the Oval Office?

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