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REVEALED: Here’s Why Rex Tillerson Called Trump A ‘Moron’

Donald Trump is a moron. Or, to quote Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, a “f*cking moron.” And it turns out Tillerson was 100 percent correct when he made that statement.

NBC News reports that Tillerson’s comment came after a meeting held on July 20. At that meeting, Trump was shown a slide that illustrated the decline of American nuclear weapons over the past 50 years. Having seen that, Trump remarked the United States needed to increase its nuclear arsenal by tenfold. Those who were at the meeting said they didn’t take what the president said seriously, and they chalked it up to his lack of knowledge of U.S. policy and capabilities.

After Trump made his comments, members of the joint chiefs of staff explained the legal and practical impossibility of building up nuclear weapons to such a level.

At that same meeting, Trump also reportedly complained that his advisers had not yet given him a plan on how the United States could obtain mineral rights in Afghanistan, which the Chinese did over a decade ago. In that discussion, the president compared the ongoing Afghan policy review to renovations at Manhattan’s 21 Club.

When the meeting ended, NBC notes, Tillerson then remarked to others who had been at the conclave that he was of the opinion Trump was a “f*cking moron.”

Clearly, Rex Tillerson is perhaps the only member of this administration who has the ability to speak the truth and say what needs to be said. More than likely, however, that means he won’t be on the Trump team for much longer. Recent reports say Trump is looking to replace Tillerson and will make the change before the end of October. Then Donnie can go back to pretending he’s an expert on everything without anyone saying differently.

Featured Image Via VOA News

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