Trump: Time To Investigate ‘Fake News’ Instead Of Russia Collusion (TWEETS)

It appears President Trump can feel the Russia investigation getting closer to him, so, in typical fashion, he thought he’d go on Twitter and draw even more attention to the fact that he’s under scrutiny by multiple Congressional committees and a special counsel:

Then Trump commented yet again on a report from NBC News that said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called him a “fucking moron”:

Keep in mind that when Tillerson appeared before the press Wednesday and denied he had ever considered resigning, he didn’t deny he had called Trump a moron. That suggests the Secretary of State knows damn well he’s working for a complete idiot. Listening to Trump speak for a minute and half would give anyone that distinct impression of the American head of state.

Some of the responses from social media to Trump’s unhinged online rantings are nothing short of pure gold:

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It’s starting to feel like a Friday night news dump may be in the offing from the White House. Trump knows he’s cornered. More importantly, he knows he’s guilty as hell, so he’s trying to divert our attention away from whatever story he knows is about to break and further damage him. What a pathetic little man he is.

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