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Fact Checking Doesn’t Interest Trump Fans And Now We Know Why

Birds of a feather, flock together. In the case of America’s so-called President Donald Trump, that means the flock is ignorant, simple-minded, and void of logic/reason. In  many cases, that flock is also racist and full of white supremacists whose beliefs are reminders that the U.S. hasn’t come as far as many people would like to believe.

As real as the era that Trump has ushered in, is, it’s hard to believe that racism and generalized stupidity, on such blatant and overt levels, is playing out as it is. However, Trump has successfully played to the ignorance of his base and in so doing, has set the tone for them to believe virtually everything he says, no matter how much of a lie it is. How is this possible? Rather, perhaps the more appropriate question is, why?

Trump’s approval rating is in the toilet, his administration is arguably the most unstable in recent history, he is failing miserably in the area of passing meaningful legislation, and he has successfully taken the U.S. from being viewed as a world leader to being a global joke. That’s the short list of problems with the Trump administration, but as powerful as that list is, his supporters simply don’t care. They love him; in some cases they worship him and will “die for him.”

Ironically, credible research has found the the truth and believing it, aren’t the issues with Trump supporters. They understand and can assess facts; they simply don’t care about them. It is the lack of concern Trump flunkies have for the truth that makes living at this time in American history so difficult for many people.


It often feels like there is no point in fact checking Trump and his staff. They’re going to do and say what they want, when they want, and how they want. In a system of government that is supposed to be based on checks and balances and the people holding its elected (however bogus the fashion in which they were elected) officials accountable, it’s extremely daunting to know that the person who should be a consummate professional, is instead a constant liar.

It’s even more daunting to know that there are people who simply don’t care that the Trump administration doesn’t respect or care enough about them to tell the truth.

A clever and well put together report on some of Trump’s lies to date, is below:

Feature Image screengrab via Twitter.

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