Joe Arpaio’s Unwillingness To Apologize To Latinos/Hispanics Is A Wonderful Lesson In White Supremacy

It has now been a few weeks since former Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, was pardoned by white supremacy enabling, President Donald Trump. Yes, no matter what any Trump-loving hatemonger says, his pardon of Arpaio grossly enabled and encouraged white supremacy. After all, Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt stemming from his failure to stop detaining Hispanics/Latinos(as) just because they were undocumented immigrants.

Arpaio’s willful ignorance of the federal judge’s order was blatant racism; nothing mitigates his actions. Nothing. District Judge Susan Bolton’s contempt ruling confirmed that and Trump’s pardon was a brazen display of how toxic white masculinity has no boundaries where usurping even the law is concerned.

Nevertheless, in the weeks since, several national debates around race in America have ensued in some cases, and continued in others. Among them, ESPN analyst Jemele Hill’s highly factual tweet calling out Trump’s white supremacy:


Donald Trump, mainly by way of Sarah Huckabee Sanders had the white privileged audacity to call for Hill’s termination. It mattered not that Trump’s white supremacist beliefs are documented:

None of the above mattered where Jemele Hill was concerned. She has been expected to tuck her tail, retreat, bow down to Massah Trump, and backtrack and what is clearly a true statement. That’s the norm for brown people in America.

However, mum has been the word as, despite his conviction, racist Arpaio has flat-out refused to apologize for his actions. In fact, Jim Crow Arpaio said he’ll “never” say he is sorry because he didn’t do anything wrong:

“An apology for doing my job? That would never happen.”

Do what you want, say what you want, and don’t apologize if you don’t want. That’s the norm for white people in America.

With the most pompous and arrogant body language and tone, hateful Arpaio went on to question why people are angry about his pardon, then argued:

“. . .They wanted me to go to jail, is that what they wanted? I’m not the only law enforcement agency that was arresting illegal immigrants. Everybody was, so why are they picking on me?” 

“Everybody was?” No, “everybody” was not. Furthermore, can you believe that this coward had the guts to ask why people are “picking on” him? Can you imagine if Jemele Hill had used the “everybody” is calling Trump a racist white supremacist approach to defending herself? All hell would’ve broken loose and white polo shirt/khaki pants wearing and patio tiki torch toting Trump supporters would’ve lost their minds.

Schmuck Arpaio didn’t stop with the above, he added:

“I think if I stood on a big tower and I screamed at everyone, at all Hispanics, and I said that I disagreed with all the deportations and said ‘I love you all’ it wouldn’t make any difference.”

That may be the only accurate thing nitwit Arpaio said, because no, it wouldn’t make a difference if he apologized. His actions have spoken so loud over the years that one would have to be a fool to believe Arpaio is sorry. However, given that pardons are generally set aside for people who show remorse for their crimes, an Arpaio apology would at least present a facade of Trump using the pardon privilege as intended.

Arpaio’s simpleton response to being asked if he is sorry, does make way for an extremely basic lesson regarding most white supremacists:  They’ve never been, the aren’t, and they will likely never be sorry for their actions. This goes back to the first white supremacists who came to America right around the time “Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”

Watch Arpaio’s absolutely reprehensible interview below:

Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.