Tempermental Trump Whines He’s Been ‘Very Poorly Treated’ By The GOP (VIDEO)


Speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One on Thursday, President Trump sounded every bit like a juvenile who hasn’t gotten his way and chosen to gripe instead, as of that will change the fact that he cannot get a single piece of legislation passed despite that fact that his party has a majority on both houses of Congress.

Trump complained that Republicans had been able to pass his draconian healthcare legislation, so he might just have to start making deals with Democrats:

“I’m a Republican through and through. But I’m also finding that sometimes to get things through, it’s not working that way. You know, we got very poorly treated on the healthcare plan.

“If we can’t get things fast, we have to go a different route.”

While he was at it, Trump also talked about his proposed tax cut plan, which would slash tax rates for the wealthiest one percent of Americans and leave the rest of us to pick up the massive debt that will be the result of this latest attempt at the failed theory of trickle-down economics:

“[T]he Republicans have to stick together better. They had the votes and then John McCain changed his mind. Pure and simple. If the Republicans don’t stick together, then I’m going to have to do more and more.

“If they’re unable to stick together, I’m going to have to get a little help from the Democrats. And I’ve got that.”

Once again we see Trump bragging that he has the votes he needs before a vote is even held. Guess he’s not aware that Democrats can change their minds just like Republicans do. And since the president has yet to lay out a specific tax proposal, how does he know he can get the members of Congress he needs to put their necks on the line for a vague idea without any clear definition?

Trump has thoroughly pissed off his base by saying he wants to cooperate with passing a DACA bill that doesn’t contain any funding for his beloved wall. Now he thinks he can fall into the arms of the opposition and be welcomed. He’s about to find out just how wrong he is.

Here’s Trump aboard Air Force One earlier today:

Featured Image Via PBS