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Ill-Humored Colin Kaepernick Joke Is Jason Whitlock’s Latest Receipt For Having Sold Out

President Donald Trump isn’t just bringing out the worst in white supremacists, racists, and hatemongers in general. He is also allowing the country’s worst self-hating “Blacks” to show themselves for the self-loathing, opportunistic, attention seekers they are. Omarosa, Ben Carson, Diamond and Silk, Steve Harvey et al, are finding soul-costing pseudo success as they defend Donald Trump and pretend they wouldn’t be called the n-word and treated with the same brutality that those injured in Charlottesville faced at the hands of Trump’s base.

Another no self-esteem having sell out who won’t shut up, shucks and jives as his Fox employer expects, is Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock. The Fox host has made a name for himself by arguing the negative to anything affirming the validation of barriers faced by Americans of African descent.

Whitlock on Colin Kaepernick? Well, Whitlock has had a lot to say on the subject, but in one of the more insolent remarks Whitlock has made over the last year, he called Kaepernick’s protest a “fad.” As if brutality in any decade is acceptable or needs to be protested a certain way as a result of the protester’s wealth, he ignorantly added:

“When you’re a multi-millionaire with a platform as an NFL quarterback, gestures—and that’s all this is, is a gesture—is not what you’re called upon to do. He’s not John Carlos and Tommie Smith. Those guys in the 1960s, when they were making gestures—that was all they could do. They weren’t wealthy. They didn’t have the power or the platform that Colin Kaepernick and these modern-day athletes have.”

Whitlock on those protesting what truly appears to be the NFL sending a message to its other “million dollar Blacks” about what will happen to them if they step out of line like Kaepernick did? Well, Whitlock asserted:

“This, to me, is starting to smell like a shakedown of the NFL owners. This is the Tawana Brawley of football. This false narrative of the racist NFL owners keeping [Kaepernick] out.”

Jason Whitlock on Michael Bennett and the notion of brown males’ narrative with police routinely being one of abuse of authority, profiling, and im/explicit bias? Whitlock sunk to an all time low (even for him) by orchestrating a skit with Z list celebrity, Christopher Reid (“Kid” from 90’s rap group Kid ‘N Play) that depicted Reid as Kaepernick wearing an afro and black glove, and raising his fist in the Black Power salute:


The skit likely won’t air due it’s degrading nature. However, the mere notion that Whitlock would recruit Reid (whose portrayal of Kaepernick caused an uproar because his identity was unknown and he appeared to be a white male thus exacerbating the disgusting nature of the skit), and together the pair peddle such an insulting message, is scary, disrespectful, and a slight to every person who has ever been harmed by the racial injustices executed over the course of Africans and their descendants 400 plus arduous years in America.

Whitlock is neither handsome nor so full of charisma and charm that he would ever be mistaken for anyone besides the “regular black” he is. As the nation still tries to pick up the pieces left by the events in Charlottesville, and Michael Bennett, a very noticeable public figure openly details his horrific encounter with police, Whitlock’s average self may want to “be humble, sit down.”

Whitlock should be mindful of the fact that he lives in the same America that Eric Garner, Kalief Browder, Sandra Bland, Philando Castile, and so many more who are no longer here, once lived in. Therefore, Whitlock needs to  ponder the wise words of Miami rapper, Trick Daddy, and remember that to many of the very people Whitlock seems to be trying to please/earn favor with:

“No matter how much your ass get paid, you still a ni**a. Got a promotion and a fat ass raise, you still a ni**a. You from the islands and your peoples wasn’t slaves, you a ni**a. Four degrees and a Ph.D, still a ni**a. If your skin is brown just like me, then you a ni**a.”

In case the above doesn’t make sense to you, here it is in lay terms: Jason Whitlock’s kneeling at the feet of his mighty master, Fox, and their viewers won’t save him from the brutal reality that his skin color alone, creates. To many at Fox, and a great deal of the people who watch its various networks, Whitlock is and will always be the “n” word — no matter what.

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