WATCH: Super [In]Articulate, Rambling Donald Trump Discusses Hurricane Irma And DACA

No matter what people say about President Obama, one of the many things that no one can take from him is the fact that he is a gifted orator who is skilled at addressing the most difficult of subjects with poise and class. For example, when Donald Trump was busy blaming the acts of domestic terror committed in Charlottesville on “many sides,” President Obama was posting a beautifully worded, but succinct message that landed a spot in social media history.

President Obama writes and speaks as intelligently as he is. Despite his distinguished academic background, the humble nature of President Obama keeps him from boasting about his accomplishments — a stark contrast to Donald Trump. For some reason, likely his insecurities, Trump almost always feels the need to tell people that he “. . .went to Wharton, was a good student.”

Watch this rambling sentence. Because Donald Trump routinely shares that he “was a good student,” it’s baffling to many that he consistently sounds like an illiterate, ill-spoken, imbecile. In fact, MSNBC’s Joy Reid recently dedicated an entire segment of her show to dissecting Trump’s speech pattern (and poking a little fun at it).


With his broken English in tow, Donald Trump went before cameras on Wednesday to talk about the disaster that already is and is predicted to continue to be Hurricane Irma. As if his statement wouldn’t indicate how much or little he had to say, Trump started by saying he had “a lot to discuss.” Then, in the most annoying and monotonous voice possible, he added:

‘. . .the fact that there’s a new and seems to be record-breaking hurricane headed right towards Florida and Puerto Rico and other places.’

“Other places?” Did he simply care not to identify some of those “other places,” or does he not know them? Never one to outdo himself, he had more to say:

‘We’ll see what happens. We’ll know in a very short period of time.’

Well, yes, Mr. Trump; it certainly goes without saying that “we’ll see what happens.” As far as the possible devastation Irma may cause, Trump addressed that about as clearly as he did everything else he spoke on:

‘It looks like it could be something that will be not good. Believe me, not good.’

Because being the commander-in-chief is a busy job, Donald Trump also took a moment to share his thoughts on his current workload:

‘We have many many things on the plate, hopefully we can solve them in a rational way.’

Watch it all below:

Count on an irrational person to say that he’ll solve things rationally and you’ll be disappointed every time. To that end, don’t trust Donald John Trump to solve any of the “many many” things on his plate, “rationally.”

Featured image screengrab via Twitter