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For Labor Day, Donald Trump Sent American Workers A Giant Middle Finger

Labor Day has been a national holiday in this country since 1894, and it holds a special place in most people’s hearts because it’s the day we celebrate the work we do and the great gains that have been made for workers over the history of the United States.

You might think that since President Trump has repeatedly talked about American workers, jobs, and how he will “make America great again” that he’d have an inspiring message for all of us on Labor Day 2017. Instead, all we got was more lip service, with this tweet appearing:

That’s freaking pathetic, Donnie. That’s even more true when you consider that this same robber baron jerk has the clothes which carry his name made in China and Mexico. His daughter and adviser, Ivanka, also has her clothing line made in foreign sweatshops where the workers are underpaid and forced to labor in horrible conditions.

So how should we take this message from Trump? As what it truly is: An uplifted middle finger to everyone who works for a living.

The 2017 presidential message is in stark contrast to the beautiful letter President Obama wrote on this same date a year ago. Take a look:

Trump has also recently rescinded rules Obama put in place which allowed more people to qualify for overtime pay. Because if you have to work overtime and get paid nothing extra, Trump seems to believe, you should just remain quiet and be damn thankful you have a job.

The president doesn’t even practice his America first message at his Florida golf resort, Mar-a-Lago, where’s he’s repeatedly filed (and received) waivers to hire more foreign workers. Hypocrite could easily be Donald Trump’s middle name.

So, on Labor Day, rest assured that President Trump is still laughing at you as he finds new and novel ways to screw you out of whatever rights you have as a worker. How does that make you feel? Are we “great” again yet? Have we started “winning?”

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