Fox News Poll Shows Trump Is ‘Tearing America Apart,’ So Conservatives Throw Online Hissy Fit (TWEETS)

How bad are things going for President Trump these days? So bad that a new poll from Fox News shows that Trump is now almost as unpopular as cockroaches and head lice.

The most striking result of the new poll is that 56 percent of those surveyed agree that Trump is “tearing the country apart.”

And that’s far from the only terrible news for the White House in the poll. It also shows that 55 percent of Americans disapprove of the job Trump is doing as president. 44 percent of those disapprove “strongly” of his job performance.

Here’s some other alarming numbers from the Fox News poll:

  • 61 percent disapprove of how Trump is handling race relations in America.
  • 60 percent disapprove of his approach to healthcare.
  • 56 percent say Trump is weak on Russia.
  • 56 percent disapprove of Trump’s stand on the environment.
  • 54 percent are not supportive of his policies on immigration.

The number that may prove to be the most worrisome for Trump is this one: An astounding 70 percent of people polled said they think he respects white supremacists such as the goons we saw at the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally more than he does the news media.

Another result found in the poll should be incredibly sobering for the Trump team: Arizona Senator John McCain and former Vice President Joe Biden are both more popular than Trump, and by double digits in both cases!

As you would expect, the poll was met with anger on social media from those who think Trump can walk on water. Take a look:

The poor Trumpkins are getting worried. The numbers are against their savior and the Russia investigation is moving closer to the president by the day. Members of his own party are starting to distance themselves from him, as are members of his cabinet. Donnie Douchebag is close to being toast, and his acolytes are terrified. They’ll all probably be hiding under the bed before long. Oh well, that’s the way the traitorous cookie crumbles.

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