Trump Humiliated By Viral Photo Of Him At Hurricane ‘Planning’ Meeting

While President Trump loves to pretend that he’s in charge and taking care of the business of the country, a photo has come to light that proves otherwise:

On the left, you can clearly see Vice President Pence, along with members of the cabinet, formulating plans for how to best assist the state of Texas with the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey. Clearly, they’re hard at work.

On the right, in contrast, sits Trump, all by himself at Camp David, wearing a baseball cap and and looking like the most isolated man in the world. Would it even surprise you if you heard he wasn’t actually part of the planning for relief efforts? Something tells me he’d just get in the way or start talking about how “bigly” he won the state of Texas in 2016.

Twitter had plenty of comments about the photo, and some of them are perfectly on point:

As we all suspected, we have a completely incompetent moron serving as president. And how much do you want to bet he’ll try to take all the credit if FEMA does a good job and toss everyone under the bus if they screw up? Just wait–you’ll see.

Featured Image Via NBC News