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NRA TV Host Says He Hopes North Korea Nukes California Instead Of Guam (TWEETS)

Isn’t it odd how the right wingers and gun nuts who so fervently worship Donald Trump and claim to be proud Americans don’t really care about the entire country?

Here’s a perfect example: Grant Stinchfield, the host of the National Rifle Association’s propaganda television network, NRA-TV, decided to weigh in on the rising tensions between the United States and North Korea by sending out a tweet he later deleted:

What’s wrong, Grant? Couldn’t take the heat your massive ignorance generated so you decided to be a wimp and pull the tweet down? Why didn’t you just post a photo of yourself with a semiautomatic weapon and dare us all to make fun of you? Because even though you hit “delete,” there’s still plenty of grief waiting for you, so enjoy:


Stinchfield lives in Dallas. How would he like it if the North Koreans attacked there? If it killed any liberals, he’d probably be just fine with it. That’s the way idiotic dillholes think.

Featured Image Via Media Matters

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