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George Takei Predicts The Future Of The Trump Family, And It’s PERFECT!

George Takei has no use for any of the Trumps. Since President Trump won the election and took office, the Star Trek actor has repeatedly skewered the American head of state, usually via Twitter, the favored social media platform for the Donald.

Now, however, in a column he penned for The Daily Beast, Takei is zeroing in on others in the Trump clan, writing:

“The latest ‘I can’t believe this actually happened’ bombshell concerns, of course, not Trump himself but his namesake, Donald, Jr., whose emails confirming Russian support for his father and meddling in the election present such low hanging evidentiary fruit that even Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions III could pick them.”

Next, Takei laid out the case against members of the Trump administration:

“Importantly, Junior also had copied then-campaign manager Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner on his response, indicating that the campaign’s senior staff were willing to accept damaging information on the Democratic opponent from a foreign hostile state. Their subsequent attendance of the meeting confirmed this. This email string thus comprises the first direct evidence of coordination between the campaign and the Russians, but unlikely the last.”

All of this, Takei concludes, is very bad news for the president, because it means he’s also exposed legally thanks to the actions of his brainless son:

“It is arguably a federal offense to obtain anything of value from a foreign agent during the course of a national election. If that information was then passed to Trump Senior, which the timing of his draft speech indicates, then there’s strong evidence that Senior was also in the know.”

Takei even penned a poem that perfectly sums up what we’ve seen over the past week in the Russia matter:


“Lest there be any confusion

Don Jr. has dispelled the illusion

His emails revealed

What they thought was concealed

Now he’s gonna do time for collusion”

Nicely done, Mr. Takei!

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