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Fox’s Chris Wallace: ‘Huge Problem With The Credibility Of The White House’ (VIDEO)

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, throughout the Donald Trump campaign and presidency, has been one of the few voices of reason on the network. He actually did a good job moderating one of the presidential debates, he has questioned Trump’s bizarre moves, and he has called the Trump team out on their lies.

This morning, once again, he seemed to be the sole voice of reason on the Fox News station. Speaking with host Shannon Bream about the revelation of a former Soviet spy also sitting in on Donald Trump, Jr.’s now infamous meeting, Wallace laid out the “huge problem” of Trump’s White House:

“But it’s one more case where there is a new revelation that the White House and Donald Trump Jr., and all the other people don’t put out themselves; it ends up coming out from the news media, and I think this is the biggest problem here. … There’s a huge problem with the credibility of the White House because they kept saying there is no collusion, there have been no contacts, this is all a hoax, it’s all fake news.”

Wallace doesn’t completely bail out of the Fox News bandwagon, stating that he thinks there is no serious legal issues with Trump, Jr.’s behavior. Bream once again brings in the idea of the Trump family being “political neophytes,” as if it means that not understanding the law means you can break it without repercussion. Wallace does not accept this idea:


“Remember, you’ve got in black and white, those emails between Donald, Jr. and the British former tabloid publicist, in which he said that this came from the Russian government and was part of the Russian effort to tip the election to Trump.” 

Wallace is, of course, speaking about the emails Trump, Jr. exchanged and later published where he seemingly engages in treason. What a time to be alive! You can see the full exchange between Bream and Wallace below:

Featured Image via YouTube screengrab.

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Written by Jordan Baranowski

Jordan is a writer and teacher based out of Kansas City.