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Trump’s Tweet About GOP’s ‘Failed Obamacare Replacement’ Bites Him On The A*s (TWEETS)

President Trump woke up early on Friday and thought it’d be a great idea to fire off a tweet before he departed France. He sent out this:

It’s probably safe to say that Trump actually meant to say replace what he has repeatedly called “failed ObamaCare,” but you just never know with someone as incredibly stupid as him. Also, he’ll toss anyone and everyone under the bus in a crisis, so perhaps he was getting a head start on blaming the GOP. Or there’s the possibility of a Freudian slip.

Whatever the scatterbrained head of state was trying to express, he got plenty of responses on Twitter:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the vote on the GOP healthcare bill will be held next week. He might want to move that date up if the leader of his party keeps sending out tweets like this.

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