Donald Jr. Makes The Cover Of ‘Time,’ And That’s Sure To Upset His Jealous Daddy (TWEETS)


President Trump longs to be on the cover of Time magazine each week. He sees it as the pinnacle of success, a way for the world to see how important and powerful he is. He’s so obsessed with being on Time that he even had fake covers made up, framed, and hung on the walls of several of his golf clubs.

So you have to wonder how Papa Trump will feel about this week’s cover of the long-running news magazine:

Yikes! There’s Donnie Part II with his ugly mug and a less-than-flattering headline. And there were some hilarious reactions on social media to the fact that Junior had just stolen the cherished spotlight from his dad:

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Daddy Trump is probably on the phone right now, screaming at Junior for being more infamous than him.

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