Boeing Lays Off Hundreds – Add It To The List Of Companies Trump Visited To ‘Save’ Jobs (VIDEO)

One of President Donald Trump’s central messages during the campaign, and after winning, was that he was the candidate who would develop more jobs in our country.

And, since taking office, Trump has been happy to claim that he is keeping that promise. It does not seem to matter that numerous experts claim that the job increase has nothing to do with Trump, or that he is straight up fabricating most of his numbers.

Boeing was one company where Trump promised to help bring back jobs, even giving a rousing¬†speech at the company’s South Carolina plant in February, where he promised that jobs were his priority. He also promised that he would:

“…Never, ever disappoint them.”

Sorry, Boeing workers. Like much of the United States, you’re about to be disappointed.

On Thursday, Boeing told CNN Money that they were continuing to make cuts into their work force through non-union buyouts and attrition of staff. They report that around 1,800 non-union employees accepted the buyout option, including about 200 workers at the South Carolina plant that Trump spoke at a few months ago. In March, Boeing also cut about 500 jobs at their commercial jet factory in Washington state.

Most of these job cuts are in response to the sales of Boeing’s top jets dropping dramatically in the last few years. They have currently cut production of its 777 twin aisle jets by about sixty percent from its peak number.

At least Trump is staying consistent in his numbers. And he is continuing to take credit for the work his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, did for the country’s economy after he pulled it out of one of the worst recessions in history.

Watch President Trump promise the Boeing workers of South Carolina just how much he is looking out for them below (after the jump):

Featured Image via Flickr user Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0.