Creationists Send Noah Into Battle Against Ev-o-lu-tion (VIDEO)

The Creationists have found a whole new pile of stupid to throw at people. Creationist extraordinaire Ken Ham is endorsing a new book that features Noah fighting a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Yup. You read that correctly. Ken Ham is the creator of the Ark Encounter park in Kentucky. He has long been ridiculed for asserting that there were dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark.

From the book description:

“As wickedness increases across the land, Noah and his loved ones endure painful consequences of a world bent on evil. King Lamech expands his rule through deception and force, but does his kindness toward Noah hint that things may change?”

“Noah and Emzara explore their world and their eyes are opened anew to the creative genius of the Most High, yet mankinds’s wretchedness threathens to upend their peaceful corner of the world. While tracking down the perpetrator of a malicious crime, they are tested by tragedy and must decide if they will sacrifice everything for truth and justice.”

“After years of serving God, Noah reaches crisis of faith due to his mounting frustrations with the proliferation of sin and the apparent silence from the Creator. Thrust into a series of perilous situations, Noah’s deepest convictions are challenged. His response will direct his course and change the world forever.”

“More than just a novel, Noah: Man of Resolve features non-fiction sections in the back of the book that provide answers to popular questions about the time in which Noah lived and explain where certain characters and events from the book can be seen at the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky.”

The book can be purchased on Ham’s website for $12.99. It is obviously a work of fiction, but so is everything that Ken Ham sells. His failed Ark Encounter park is a testament to that. He blames atheists for the park’s failure, but it’s really just the crap he spews.

Check out Bill Nye in this video:

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