STUDY: People Searching Pornhub Aren’t Concentrating On Their Spelling

Online porn is the most profitable thing on the internet. Pornhub alone is estimated to make anywhere from $110 to $150 million a year. Since Pornhub is a private company, they aren’t required to release revenue figures.

Yep, online porn is a major industry, and millions of people in the United States are helping build the business to new heights.

Now we have an infographic from Pornhub which shows us something you may have never given much thought to: What search terms are most frequently misspelled on the site, and in what states? Wonder no more:

The reaction on social media to this new trove of data was both predictable and hilarious:

I suppose it could be worse. Instead of “porm,” what if someone typed in “prawn?” Would you suddenly see shrimp getting it on? And does anyone want to see that? Oh no, I may have just created another fetish market! Just make sure I get my 10 percent finder’s fee.

h/t The Huffington Post

Featured Image Via YouTube