President Liar Takes Credit For Jobs He Didn’t Create And Even Fudged The Numbers (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump claimed on Thursday afternoon that he created 1 million private sector jobs and that he is the economic savior of America.

Both are lies.

While withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement, President Donald Trump partially justified his decision by saying it is a job killer for the United States and that he is single-handedly saving the American economy.

Here is the president’s exact quote on jobs:

“Before we discuss the Paris Accord, I’d like to begin with an update on our tremendous, absolutely tremendous economic progress since Election Day on November 8th. The economy has started to come back and very, very rapidly. We’ve added $3.3 trillion in stock market value to our economy and more than a million private sector jobs.”

Official numbers from the Labor Department show just over half a million jobs added since January when Trump took office. So where is he getting this bogus figure of 1 million?

Trump’s top economic adviser Gary Cohn says the statistic comes from the ADP national employment report, a research institute. In other words, Trump is completely ignoring the report given by his own government. Cohn said:

“I’m standing by that if you add up the ADP numbers, you would get to the number the president put in his speech today…”

The ADP report does give the 1 million number, but the devil is in the details. Trump credited himself all growth in January, when he was in office for a week and a half. Secondly, the ADP reports is based on trends from roughly 24 million Americans, which is hardly a comprehensive study. Most importantly, though, the ADP numbers are an estimate based on their own company’s paycheck deposit services, and NOT the actual data.

So once again, President Snowflake is telling lies as truth.

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Watch the AP fact check the President’s speech here:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.