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WATCH A Progressive Guest Make A Fox News Host Look Like A Babbling Idiot

The propagandists at Fox News are trying their best to either deny the Trump-Russia scandal exists or blame it on the “liberal media,” which only serves to prove both their bias and their complete inability to report actual news.

Now that they’ve decided to actually admit a special counsel has been appointed, Fox host Martha MacCallum welcomed two guests on Thursday to discuss the issue: Katie Pavlich from the conservative blog and Emily Tisch Sussman from progressive think tank the Center for American Progress Action Fund. MacCallum began by trying to be cute as she started the debate with Sussman, commenting:

“Emily, let me start with you: The president is a Russian agent, uh, obstruction of justice and has only 14 months left in his presidency, apparently? How are any of those statements fair at this point?”

But Sussman was more than equal to the smartass remark from MacCallum, saying:

“I think a lot could be said about the president. What we do know is that he’s tried to derail any attempt to look into any connections between his campaign and the Russia investigation. His spokespeople have not been truthful about the fact that he disclosed confidential information to the Russians.”

Sussman turned the tables on MacCallum, leaving the host to whine:

“I’m looking for facts. We’re trying to stay in ‘Fact Land.'”

Again, Sussman was more than ready to counter the Fox host, telling her:


“We would love facts.”

To that, MacCallum snapped:

“Because there’s a lot of things that are outside ‘Fact Land.’ We know that he has every right to say whatever he wants to the Russians. He has total ability to declassify if he decided to do so. And I didn’t hear any facts in what you just said.”

Actually, everything Sussman said was factual. And here’s some more facts for the Fox nitwits and others who want to defend Donald Trump and his possibly traitorous actions:

  • Numerous top administration officials met with the Russian ambassador before the election and before taking office.
  • Former National Security Adviser was on the payroll of a foreign government–Turkey–to the tune of $500,000, but was still approved to be one of the highest ranking members of the Trump team.
  • Donald Trump refuses to say a bad word about Vladimir Putin.
  • Trump fired FBI Director James Comey due to the Russia investigation; Trump said so in an interview with Lester Holt.
  • A special counsel has been appointed to look into the matter.

If MacCallum or the Fox bozos want more facts, they need do nothing more than a Google search on the term “Trump-Russia.” As for “Fact Land,” since when do Trump or Fox News even know the location?

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