Trump Jr. Confirms Comey Memo, Retracts Confirmation, Gets TORCHED On Twitter (TWEETS)

If there’s one piece of advice the entire Trump family could really stand to take to heart, it’s this: Stay off Twitter!

We have yet another perfect example of why the Trump clan needs to avoid social media like the plague, and it comes from Donald Trump, Jr. who decided to comment on the matter of the Comey memo stating that the alleged president asked the former FBI Director to lay off the Russia investigation and stop looking into disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn:

Problem is, that link is to a tweet from Geraldo Rivera. Here’s what Rivera posted:

Hmm. So did Donnie Jr. just confirm that the memo is real? NPR reporter Domenico Montanaro asked the Trump spawn if indeed he had just given an affirmative thumbs up to that fact:

As is so typical for thin-skinned weasels like the Trump siblings, Junior quickly fired back:

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That’s when Twitter went into overdrive and gave Donald Jr. the verbal beatdown he deserved:

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If the White House press office wants to contain this story (good luck with that!), they might want to begin by confiscating the cell phones of everyone with the last name Trump.

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